Audience Participation

I need the help of YOU the loyal and lovely readers of this blog. 
Please post a comment below with an idea of 'what happens next' to this character . Just a short and snappy idea for a wordless narrative. Along the lines of: "He gets attacked by..." or  "He meets a...." or "His trousers fall down..." etc...

I'll then choose one idea and draw it. Then I'll ask for more suggestions for the following image. I'm thinking of maybe 8-12 illustrations which I'll then make into a handmade book. All those people whose comments make it into the story will be credited and will receive a GIFT COPY! Oooh.

It's an experiment in improvisation and new ways of thinking. I hope by the end to have created some work that I would never have expected of myself and I also hope that it could be an interesting organic project for you to interact with.

It's an open brief!  Do what you will with him, be merciful or horribly wicked, the stranger the better.


Please don't post anonymously if you'd like a copy of the book. 
Also, I'll wait until there are at least 10 comments before I choose one for the story so please don't be shy.


  1. This is my last day above ground. A great fire is coming -- those who survive will not endure what follows. There is only one place that is safe: underground. I have made provision.

  2. When he pulls out his arm he reveals his arm is actually a pen.

  3. Great idea! I think he'll find a mysterious box containing an even more mysterious key with a small tag attached to it on which is written the word "cinnabar"...

  4. Maybe when he tips his hat, he notices another universe inside of it...

  5. His Victorian-era sideburns start to grow uncontrollably...

  6. When he lifts his hat(and head) his neck extends, snake like. Handy for peeking over walls and around corners. he then pulls it back in with the string on his back, as he is doing in the picture.


    He lifts his hat complete with head, revealing small legs, which he sets down on the ground. He then replaces it with his real head, which is behind his back. His real head being in the form of a large orange, obviously. They are now a double act, a travelling duo.


    He simple discards his hat for the much simpler truckers cap, which he holds behind his back.

    (i hope to get better at this as the tale progresses! good luck Jonathan.. you may need it.)

  7. Hey Jonathan,
    Good luck with the project!
    Here are a few ideas:

    He is witness to a robbery.

    A large metal object falls out of the sky and crashes at his feet.

    He is chased by a pack of wild dogs.

    He breaks into a Chemist and steals several bottles of poison.

    He passes in front of a mirror and notices he has no reflection.

    He is confronted by 2 strangers, bundled into a car and driven into the woods.

    He boards an ocean liner and decides to leave his old life behind...

  8. He takes off his hat, revealing a rabbit sitting on his head.

  9. From behind his back he produces a paper bag full of delicious crumpets....that may or may not be poisoned.

  10. With a seductive - and yet very mischievous - smile, the beautiful lady he tipped his hat to reveals eight glorious tentacles under her hoop skirt.

  11. He plays hoop-and-stick with a moderately well dressed, jewel-eyed skeleton.

  12. THANK YOU so much for the insane and creative ideas! So much to choose from.

    I'll pick something tomorrow. This is gonna be fun!

  13. Right then. To keep my choice pretty random I put 5 of my favourite suggestions in a hat then my daughter picked out this one:
    'A large metal object falls out of the sky and crashes at his feet.' suggested by Allan Sanders.

    Lovely stuff. I'll post the next stage soon. Watch this space.....

  14. Looking forward to the next stage! This is a very fun project.

  15. Archibald is tipping his hat to a pair of lovely ladies strolling in the park, WHEN a man on an out-of-control bicycle (penny-farthing?) smacks into him causing them both to fall into the park's pond where a children's boat race is underway.


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