Chosen Idea #2

This is the first time I've been so open with my work and invited people to join in so firstly, thank you for  responding and secondly for being so inventive! A great range of ideas including the poetic, the crazy and the enigmatic. 

This weeks selection process involved -  

5 favourite ideas printed and cut out, 1 'lady woman' for her unbiased opinion and 2 daughters hiding in the 'play tent' where the, then wife-filtered, slips of paper were thrown in. This is the ticket that emerged:

'Archibald notices hundreds of spiders surrounding him and a man on top of the capsule. He has a thunder on his forehead. It's Ziggy Stardust!' Suggested by FEDRA.

I'm looking forward to it! Watch this space..... (in a week or so)

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