The Perils of Archibald Toddle #5 - Cannibal Hat

The Story so far...

and then!

Existential detail.

'The hat will grow spider legs and eat Ziggy, and the spiders will kidnap Archibald.'

Thanks to Diana Probst for the crazy idea that I've put into a Victorian style comic page. I improvised a little to get Archibald into a new environment and a good place to ask 'What Happens Next'?

He's inside the ship! Is the interior like nothing we've ever seen before, will it go somewhere, is there anybody else within?

 I'm gonna go for a single full page image on the next one (probably) so SHORT AND SNAPPY suggestions below please.

Fire away! The weirder the better....


  1. The ship starts burrowing DOWN towards a Victrian-style Hollow Earth full of peculiar wonders...

    Love the idea and execution of this project!

  2. The spaceship interior is made up entirely of buttons that say 'do not press this button'. Some of the buttons have reasons on in small letters.

  3. Within is without: _Archibald_ is not contained- _we_ the audience, _we_ the author of Archibald's fate are. Shut inside this confounded contraption, this cosmic washing machine with Archie now at the controls.

    Oy vey! Deus intra machina!

    What's our best laundry setting? Quick, check our label and mime it to Archibald

    *frantically signs the Do Not Bleach 'crossed-out triangle' through porthole*

    Archibald's baffled expression suggests he interprets this gesture as, 'I am vagina/ Toblerone-intolerant'

  4. we zoom out to reveal Archie's face is one of many, staring out of some vast submarine's porthole windows, surrounded by strange underwater life.

  5. What is the strange machine he has been dragged into? He is surrounded by people sat at keyboards typing away...tap tap tap. There is a relentless noise in here, strange images everywhere..... Archibald has entered the internet!

  6. Thanks so much for the ideas which were few but it's the quality that matters!

    I'm a gonna go for Scott Garrett's 'Submarine' suggestion which gives a lovely twist to the tale and a completely new world to explore.......

  7. Love this! Just missed adding in my suggestion. Can't wait for the next instalment!!!


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