Archibald in deep water #6

Where were we?

Previously in The Perils of Archibald Toddle:

And then!

Oh calamity! To Archibald's surprise he has been taken somewhere completely unexpected and what's more, he is not alone.....

Thanks very much to Scott Garrett for the wonderful idea below: 

'we zoom out to reveal Archie's face is one of many, staring out of some vast submarine's porthole windows, surrounded by strange underwater life.

Please leave ideas in the comments below as to what could possibly happen next. Short suggestions please - the weird and wonderful gratefully received! 

Have fun.

*For new visitors - all selected participants will receive a copy of all the illustrations in a handmade book... eventually.


  1. However, it turned out that the submersible was actually completely edible and, as the burnished gram cracker plating of the submarine gradually got soggier and soggier, water gushed into its interior and the walls began to buckle.

    Archibald thought, as watery death drew ever closer, "What a waste of perfectly good food."

  2. In a cloud of black ink the octopus reaches in, pulls Archibald free and hurls him and his hat into the dark abyss.

    (am i still eligible?!)

  3. ...oh, very nice job on the sub by the way... great octopus!
    ..... and now i get a copy... wooohoooo!!

  4. A group of Atlantean warriors quickly arrive and fight off the octopus and capture Archibald and the other passengers as prisoners.

  5. Archibald and his fellow prisoners/submarine-joyride-passengers are pitted against each other in a game of Uno to the death and, despite a valiant effort, our hero loses and is ejected out of the ship to his watery death. (Or is he?)

  6. Lovely work so far! Thank you Lulu, Scott and Ryan! Keep em coming folks...

  7. So many have things have taken over and I've been left with little time for Archibald. I slap my own wrist for being neglectful! I wish I could be a bit speedier with turning the work around to keep it constant but they take time. I think I'm going to start bringing Archibald to a close and to do that I'm going to go with Scott Garrett's lovely idea of hurling Archibald into the darkness..... and then...... we will see.


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