It's been a while since my last post  but I've been busy with some exciting projects that unfortunately I can't reveal yet. Nearer Xmas I'll be doing a 'give away' of a product I've illustrated so keep checking back for a chance to win a goody or two.

I can reveal though that I've been selected as the official illustrator for the BAFTA awards 2013. It involves producing images for the tickets and five alternative program covers for the Best Film nominations. Thanks to my UK agent Handsome Frank.

Bafta's previous illustrators works are beautiful so now I'm really feeling the pressure! The film nominations are announced on the 9th of January and that's when I find out too, then I'll have two weeks to produce the 5 illustrations for the event which will then take place on February 10th.

So what films are likely to be nominated? Could it be the nonstop fun romp 'Jack and Jill' and the exciting CGI action thriller 'Battleships'? No, fate can't be THAT cruel. More likely the excellent 'Argo', 'The Master' even 'Skyfall' possibly?

I'll try to do regular updates to show you how it's going....


  1. Amazing! Dream job! Hope you and the family are doing well.
    Best wishes from Ecosse,

  2. Suzanne Breakwell3 February 2013 at 16:11

    Hi JB, such fantastic work, wonderful to see you doing so well for yourself, much desverved you talented man! love & best wishes to you & yours... Suzie Breakwell. x


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